Welcome to Girlfriend’s Guide to AI, where our passion for making Artificial Intelligence approachable and beneficial for all comes to life. Here, we’re not just about algorithms and data; we’re about connecting people with technology in ways that enrich, empower, and inspire.

Dive into our story and discover the heart behind our mission, meet the team turning our vision into reality, and explore our focused approach to demystifying AI.

Together, we’re navigating the exciting world of AI, breaking down barriers and fostering a community where everyone is invited to join the conversation and the innovation.

Our Mission

At Girlfriend’s Guide to AI, our mission is to empower individuals, regardless of their background or expertise, to navigate the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate individuals dedicated to making Artificial Intelligence approachable and empowering for all.

Our Focus

We offer a range of services that promote the development and ongoing use of Ethical and Responsible AI Practices within your business, including:

AI Readiness Assessments

AI Governance Frameworks

AI Fluency Training

AIOps, Strategy and Consulting